About GIFT

Flexibility-AdaptabilityGLOBAL INSTITUTE OF FLEXIBLE SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT (GIFT) is Registered under the Societies Registration Act – XXI of 1860,vide Registration No. S35291 of 1999. The need of GIFT arise because in the changed economic and technological present day scenario is posing newer challenges to manage the emerging situations, and thus, requiring newer paradigm to match with the reality more effectively. The emerging management issues signify change, complexity and multiplicity demanding high degree of responsiveness, adaptability and openness in management.
A radical change is taking place in management thought shattering the older paradigms leading to evolution of a new management paradigm. Though apparently all the emerging approaches are different, the bottom line is flexibility.In order to enrich the management paradigm to meet the current reality and the challenges of the new millennium a pressing need was felt by various management professionals to have a common forum for interactive participation and learning .This professional body has been created to meet such a challenge.

Evolving as a global forum for interaction of all interested professionals and organizations in a truly flexible mode so as to help them create more options, faster change mechanisms and greater freedom of choice in their own settings.


To evolve and enrich the flexible systems management paradigm for the future.


  • To promote the paradigm of flexible systems management globally.
  • To evolve a management paradigm that nurtures human values and ethos, and is equipped to handle issues of choose and conflict.
  • To promote professional exchange of information experience and advanced training .
  • To take-up research projects at national and international level in the field of flexible systems management and allied areas generating empirical evidence of its utility.
  • To offer flexible class room/distance learning programmes in various aspects of management that suit the requirement of various levels of professionals.
  • To publish periodicals, books, journals and magazines and develop software and educational programmes, video films and training packages relating to the objectives of the Institute.
  • To organize lectures, workshop, seminars, symposia, conferences, competitions and MDPs.


  • National and International Conferences
  • MDPs
  • National and International Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Projects
  • Lecture Series
  • Case and Paper Competitions
  • Publication of Books,Journals, Proceedings, Newsletter

The institute comprises of various Schools/Units, which are autonomous bodies, dealing with contemporary areas at the cutting edge contributing to the flexible systems management paradigm.

  1. School of Global Management
  2. School of Technology and Innovation Management
  3. School of Quality, Productivity and Wastivity Management
  4. School of Environment Management and Sustainable Development
  5. School of Information Technology and Knowledge Management
  6. School of Human Values and Management Ethos
  7. School of Learning Organization and Strategic Transformation
  8. School of Social Change
  9. School of Entrepreneurship
  10. School of Services Management
  11. School of Strategic Alliances Management



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